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Randy (or known by the government and her mother Miranda) was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Spent her teenage years in Westchester, NY. Became an adult in Baltimore, MD. Went to college at the Maryland Institute College of Art with an Illustration BFA in 2020. Now a grown up professional NYC sewer rat.

Previous clients include Patagonia, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Valiant Entertainment, and Trader Joes.

Other than being an awesome designer, Randy loves babies, dogs, cozy video games, and bubble baths.

So what do you do? What exactly do you make?

My official title is Illustrator & Graphic Designer, which means I'm a professional at making 2D art and graphics. Think like anything 2D that isn't photography. My specialty is cartoony and colorful imagery, but I'm not limited to my own personal style.


If you're still confused here's some examples of things I can do/make; paintings of people and animals, comic book art (covers and story art), storyboards for film and television, print advertisements, restaurant menus, movie posters, murals, window paintings, interior retail graphics, art direction (style ideation for creative projects), infographics, illustrations for articles, etc etc. I hope that gives you a good idea.

So kinda a jack of all trades, I like making things look pretty. 

What influences you creatively?

Short answer; cartoons, movies and vintage media.

Long answer; I grew up on crazy amounts of cartoons. My mom had me young, so I'm pretty sure her thought process for entertaining me was "Kids like cartoons, so I'm just going to show my child every cartoon." So with that she took me to see Spirited Away in theaters when I was 3. Which scarred me emotionally for a majority of my life. (I was convinced she'd be turned into a pig and be taken away from me) But although scary, this also ignited a lifelong love for animation. A couple of favorites of mine are Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Castle in the Sky, Chowder, Adventure Time, and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Along with cartoons, I was taken to a lot of movies growing up. Going to the movie theater was a family event, that we would all go together maybe once a week. My mom worked at the local theater, and would get us in for free sometimes. to illustrate how much we went to the movies; I was brought with them when I was a newborn to see Titantic when it came out, and I'm pretty sure she let men in to watch Toy Story 2 a hundred times. The movie theater was my playground.  

Lastly, my love for vintage media stems from cartoons. My mom would get me cheapo gas station DVDs that had hundreds of old cartoons. Oldies like Popeye and Betty Boop. The style of art from this time set me on a deep dive of vintage design. Making me gravitate towards styles like art deco, art nouveau, 1950's comic books, etc. The handmade quality of these times feel so fun and mysterious. Things were prettier back in the day, and I strive for this in my works.

So really to update my list, my influences are cartoons, movies, vintage media, and my mom. (Because she introduced me to all these things.) 

Whats your creative process?

When I start a project, a very important part I try to lock down first is color. I also choose color in unconventional ways to catch the viewer's attention. Using it more as a scale of values rather then a realistic interpretation of a scene.


I try to convey mood mostly through the scene or layout of the project. Either it'll be a composition in an illustration, or how type and assets interact on a page. 


Are you available for work?

Hi yes! I'm available for freelance and in house works! Currently looking for experiential design work, like murals, publishing work and themed entertainment design, but I'm open for anything 2D.

I'm someone who knew you by your old name, did you change your name? Why?

I'm going by Randy Vega professionally now, kinda like a stage name. I use my nickname socially and my birth name privately. A long winded way of saying I'd like to keep my given name sacred to myself and my family. Hope thats cool!


I'm still confused and have other questions, how can I ask you questions?

Don’t be shy, you can contact me though here and I'm happy to answer any burning questions.

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